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12.14.2012 , 04:03 PM | #700
I have six, but I'm only going to post pics of the two I've been using recently.

Zhier, my sort-of Main. Sith Marauder, Level 13. He does what he needs to to get the job done, and remains faithful to those he serves, as long as he knows they're worthy of lording over him. Those who are inferior, get crushed.

Sunil'vir, my other sort-of Main. Imperial Agent, Level 5. Loyal, obedient, does his job and does it as efficient as possible. Fun Fact: 'Sunil' is Indian for 'Very Blue', referring to his blue hair and skin.
Zhier - Lvl 13 Zabarak Sith Warrior, Marauder Specialization Nyslque - Lvl 1 Pureblood Sith Inquisitor Revsizik - Lvl 1 Twi'lek Jedi Consular Rhytheria - Lvl 1 Cyborg Smuggler Sunil'vir - Lvl 10 Chiss Imperial Agent