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I don't see what the problem is fighting out of stealth. Basically when I engage someone out of stealth I consider it an even fight where either one of us can win. When I'm in stealth my targets in alot of trouble. And no, it doesn't matter if SF crits or not, it's still alot of damage right out of the gate my enemy somehow needs to re-balance. If you can't fight out of stealth then you obviously haven't been scrapper for very long. Make use of those Dirty Kicks and Flash Bangs, and the most under-rated skill has got to be the Tendon Blast with root. Tendon Blast and Back Blast are on a 12 sec CD for a reason. I pretty much guarentees a Back Blast every 12 secs. As far as your argument about SF+FR costing 35 energy, this is downright ridiculous and leads me to beleive your not very experienced. First off my SF only cost 17 energy. 17+15=32. Secondly if your dumb enough to wait to the very last second to load FR before SF, yeah that is a steep energy cost. That's why you load it well beforehand, so energy replenishes before you open up.
Of course I'm not dumb enough to load FR right before SF in an opening engagement, but when you're going for that last ditch burst you rarely can plan ahead in that sort of thing. Just because I disagree with you doesn't mean I haven't been playing this class/spec for a year now. I'm pretty sure any decent scrapper would use their backblast every 12 seconds.. You missed my point completely about combat stealthing and re-opening right away . Yes you are right about the 32 energy cost, my bad, either way its still a steep cost to use mid fight