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12.13.2012 , 01:38 PM | #46
I'll just stick with the characters on the server I play the most.

Darth Dementas - Human Sith Marauder (dark side aligned)
Lord Impel - Zabrak Sith Inquisitor (dark side aligned)
Apprentice Caframy - Pureblood Sith Juggernaut (dark side aligned)
Graxam - Chiss Powertech (neutral alignment)
Notoris - Rattataki Imperial Operative (dark side aligned)
Future Chiss Sith Assassin to be dark side aligned

Za'lero - Human Jedi Sage (light side aligned)
Amaynen - Zabrak Jedi Guardian (light side aligned)
Tra'leq - Twi'lek Gunslinger (light side aligned)
Captain Bollund - Cyborg Commando (light side aligned)
Future Miraluka Scoundrel to be neutral or light side aligned