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Dunno what happened to my other thread on this but..

Okay i'm going to put the sequence of events here, this is exactly what i've put in my ticket. Ticket ID 7355238

Part One Of Whats Going Wrong:

So I bought all of the grade 7 parts off the gtn/bought the tactical pack off cartel market. I eagerly hopped in to the space missions, which when going to the terminal all 6 of the "Space Mission: BLAH BLAH" versions of the missions were available.

SO i took all of them, and began Ardis Outpost. After a couple of tries and refinement of space tactics (i'll hand it to you, gotta be alot more on the ball in these missions) AND at that, the gameplay itself seems to work correctly.

I blasted my way through all 6 missions, which brings me to

Part Two Of Whats Going Wrong:

After completing all of the 'first time' space missions, I recheck my space terminal inside ship, and only 1 new mission has appeared. I did this mission last night, I'm relatively sure it was Regnant outpost and it gave the standard Dailys/BH COMM/cash etc, BUT none of the other missions appeared, so I was confused and took the the forums, to which i've yet to recieve a response.

Part Three Of Whats Going Wrong:

Tonight I hopped on and checked my space terminal, 2 more Operation grade missions appeared, and there missions were as follows:

Operation Thanium Disruption - Complete Thanium Disruption
Operation Clean Sweep - Complete Tharium Disruption and Baros Ambush

So just now I've completed Thanium Disruption, and upon completing it, it counted for both operations, so now i'm just left with 'Baros Ambush' to complete for the clean sweep mission.

I find it really hard to believe that all the missions that give BH comms, don't require you complete all 6 heroic space missions.

Part Four Of Whats Going Wrong:

Okay so I went ahead a got another level 50 of mine a full set of grade 7 parts - proceeded to do all of the newly available missions at the terminal, and this time upon completing them all and returning to the quest terminal, the only new one to pop up was 'regnant station', which rewarded BH comms/daily etc.

Part Five Of Whats Going Wrong: -- Update

On Tuesday all 3 of my toons received Regnant station at 11pm AEST. Have not received a Weekly mission since. It's now friday.

Some people have claimed to get all the weeklies though, So to me this is absolute BS. I just want to be able to run space missions like normal without having to post on the forums every time you guy's break something.