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12.13.2012 , 07:52 AM | #21
With the advent of the large crowds on F2P, a couple of things to consider :

- Watch planet population. When a planet is about 30 people, it is hard to get a team going, at 50+ it starts getting easier. Right now the lower level planets are very very crowded, so lots of groups going on, but once you get pass the L30 zone they aren't as much, and it becomes a bit harder to group.

- The social point run (farm) is what makes those BT/Essless runs such a pain. Try to stay off one of those. I "walk" BT/Essless regularly for affection points and social points. It is mostly L50s so I can blow anything away, but company is always welcome.

Lets not start naming ages here (52!)

I am the worst nightmare for many "ubber" players, I am a "clicker". I activate my skills with my mouse. Apparently that makes me slow. Good enough to have my HK robots and have done hard mode FPs, but apparently they don't consider that "good". Who cares. I enjoy the game my way. So should you.
I don't know if this is a Sith thing, but at the beginning of every game conversation my first thought is "You are so dead"...