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**pops out from ToR**

Welcome to the thread!

Secondly, thanks for all the well wishes guys. You make this gal blush.

I'm not losing steam. I'm just being very cautious right now and I'm sure other people here feel the same.

Also, they kinda did mumble on youtube already.

This is the video link to PvP developer Gabe Amatangelo's interview with a mention of SGRs.

The result of that was a confirmation Tweet by Hall Hood (Lead Writer,) only to have the Tweet deleted within hours.

Quote: Originally Posted by Hall Hood
Hall Hood @hallhood (1 of 2) To all the folks who have been expressing interest in SGRs, here is the official word from Gabe Amatangelo...

I spent a couple of days raiding with my sniper and venting via my very DS sorc. It was a nice stress relief.

For now, the best thing I can suggest to try to get clarifications is by writing to GLAAD. Facebook got the quickest answers. However, I'd suggest writing to Community Managers as well. Yes, it's been done before, but not since we started to contact GLAAD. It wouldn't hurt and it would raise more visibility.

Forgive me, but I think we need to revive Uluain's thread again. I know, I know, General forums can be an entertaining place. We need to keep up momentum.

I will be answering the PMs you guys sent me, but it might have to wait until tomorrow.

Guys, it might be time to go back to GLAAD and That way we can get more pressure put on BW/EA to answer us. The more individual letters that go out, the more likely we are to hear back from them soon. It's been a week since they got back to me and other posters. So please, write to GLAAD and tell games industry International too! We've got some templates you can use, but really even one or two lines will do.

Also, let's try another round of news sites. Yep, gonna be obnoxious. This has got to end and we're the only ones that can prevent the whole thing from dying with a whimper. If anyone wants any contact info, let me know.

Remember: Never give up. Enough is Enough.

I've got to go brain dead. I'm not feeling well after only getting 2 1/2 hrs of sleep.

See you guys soon! **hugs**