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12.12.2012 , 11:20 PM | #4018
Hello all!

This is my first post here, or rather anywhere in these forums.

I've been following this topic for a long while. And there is quite a bit of reading to be done just to catch up after being gone a few days without reading this thread. It makes even me, an avid reader of just about anything with the written(or typed) word, start feeling TL;DR about it. Which is a good thing for this issue I would like to think.

I'm 30 years old, half-white, and straight (So that makes me almost the demographic that most companies look for, right?). And I really would love to have the option to actually roleplay a same gender romance to my heart's content. I have a Male trooper that may not quite be as straight as his dialogue options make him be, I don't really know yet, since I didn't get the option to flirt and see where that went. And don't get me started on my Fat Twi'lek male smuggler. He actually would be flirting with everything that moves, whether it is on two legs, or more, hairy, hairless, or mechanical. Sometimes it's all about the flirt.

I'm glad that such a community exists, and is very active and passionate about what should be a basic civil right, and what should be included in a game that is made by a company who has been seen in the past to be very LGBT friendly.

That being said, I do hope to someday in game have a (or is an an? IF I say the letters, its an, if I say the words, its a. Hmm...) SGR as a male trooper with a character not unlike how I mysteriously ended up with Mr. Alenko in ME3. "Bro's to the end!" And then suddenly, in a slightly intimate moment, I find out that he likes my Commander Shepard. "It just feels right, doesn't it?" Well, yeah, after romancing an alien woman, and Miranda....yes, yes it does.

And for the few characters that I have that are women, having the option to have a(n) SGR would be nice as well. I guess I just dislike the limitations forced upon me in games that have the roleplaying aspect to them, be they online or single player. When I play as a character whom I don't name after myself, I don't mind whatever gender romance they have, as long as it is a nice story (or side story, as it were).

Well, now that I'm done posting, I'm going to continue lurking. Just thought I would show my support for this, and perhaps to ask, "Can we please have a little more clarity on this issue please?" Even mumbling into a microphone and posting it on youtube would be a step up!