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This game is set almost 4000 years before the SW movies.

The Emperor in this game is a shadowy racial Sith character in control of the Sith Empire which is different from the Galactic Empire ruled by Emperor Palpatine aka Darth Sidious.

At this point in galactic history, the Republic is not the only government state in the SW universe. The Empire is the Sith empire wich competes with the republic on the galactic political scene. Very much like the USA and the USSR of the Cold War.

It also seems to me that the Sith are the race of people that practice a anti-Jedi religion which will later evolve into the 2 man Sith teams of the SW movies.

They say the emperor is undying, obviously a person that is sustained by the dark side resulting in an unnaturally long life.

The Galactic Empire of Emperor Palpatine is the resurrected version and goal of the original Sith Empire, hence the same type of uniforms and the same general shape of the ships.
Dood... The emperor is not a pureblooded Sith... There is just NO WAY he is...

The Pureblooded Siths were enslaved by a few Dark Jedis running away from the order... Those dark jedis called them selfs Lords of the Siths... becouse the siths were their Slaves...
After centurys they started to breed among themselfs, and the Half Breed Siths x Humans assumed the power Naga Sadow, Ludo Kresh, Marka Ragnos, so on...