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Not to spoil the accomplishments of anyone out there.

But I personally have never fancied endgame raiding. Inevitably it goes down one of two paths.
- Either you join a group of "casual" gamers, who never get anywhere because they lack focus.

- Or you join "hard core" gamers, who act like military drill instructors. "You MUST be here PRECISELY 10 minutes early! You MUST be able to commit 10 hours of UNINTERRUPTED game play! You will be allotted a single bio break, which must be requisitioned 7-10 business days in advance!" and so on.
I think there is a third option. Get with a group of casual gamers that are extremely helpful, friendly and respectful and see all instances. I got lucky enough to get with such a group and I have seen everything up to NIM EC (have not been into NIM EC yet). We progress slower than other groups, but we do progress and we allow even those more casual than us to see HM and NIM Ops. There is no fighting, no blaming and no ordering. They do ask you to be on time if you are expecting to go, but we usually do not do raids for over 2 to 3 hours one night a week as a group. Although we run other raids during the week with more casual guild members to let them see it, get some experience and gear. Maybe I just got extremely lucky, but I know there is a third type of group.

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@seven_deadlies, if you're on Begeren Colony, look me up and I'll take you through the fp for your HK part.
Same if you are on The Harbinger... Look for Bremiaha...I will get a group to get you a very good and friendly group to get you through it.