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I'm an unadulterated altaholic, so bear with me, hehe.

(1) Casstiel, lv 50 mostly lightside Mercenary, healer specced (shadowlands server)
(2) Gaibriel, lv 50 light side Scoundrel, healer specced (shadowlands server)
(3) Camiel, lv 50 light side Sentinel, obviously dps (shadowlands server)
(4) Aryel, lv 50 dark side Juggernaught, tank specced (shadowlands server)
(5) Lusiel, lv 50 dark side Juggernaught, tank specced (shadowlands server) *because I liked the story, lol
(6) Rachyel, lv 50 light side Sorcerer, dps specced (shadowlands server)
(7) Khyriel, lv 35 dark side Operative, heals specced (shadowlands server)
(8) Kastiel, lv 20 neutral Mercenary, healer specced (shadowlands server) *because I loved the story, lol

For future play:

(9) Simiel, Cathar Trooper, probably Vanguard, cause I need a tank on the Republic side
(10) Dahbriel, Human Scoundrel, haven't decided male or female yet, cause I like the story that much
(11) My'kel, currently lv 37 Operative, female Chiss, just exploring the story and found I didn't like either female or light side agent story; will delete and re-roll, probably as another Sorc.
(12) Bry'el, currently lv 11 Sage, RP love interest for my BH's Mako, just exploring the story, mostly
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