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Its really something for bioware to put new missions for space but man making the missions so hard that you need the class 7 gear just to have a small glimmer of a chance to complete it.
You cant even do the mission with the top gear you have for your ship the advance class 5 parts that were top of the line before the update!
Well i used to be really happy with the space mission and after these mission i will be hanging up my pilot helmet for now cause either the missions are too high lvl for my ship or they are some how bugged i dont know but i will not pay real money for the space parts from the cartel just to be able to have a chance to play the game.
These mission are supposed to be a challenge, not something you get on your first try. When there is a new operation that you can`t down what do you do? Learn a better strategy and spend more time equipping or rant to the devs that you wiped?

Those missions DO NOT require grade 7 to be completed, it has been said many times and i made sure checking personally. I completed 4 missions in around 30 tries with grade 6 (baros, the shuttle defense, ardis and the one where you destroy the 8 satellites). My next targets are new kovor and Disruption (Chaa braa for imps) and i`m fairly sure that i`ll get those down with grade 6 equip, or at the most with grade 7 missiles.

So now you have it, it`s definitely possible to down this operation boss. Do you want to try downing it or just whine to the devs so that they nerf it? (And then complain that there is no endgame).