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Also, I was perusing some of the terms of service and came across this gem...
I highlighted some interesting phrasing...
And remember to use caution when equipping your items or interacting with in-game vendors...

Item Restoration

Losing your items can be a frustrating experience and can happen for any number of reasons. We strongly encourage our players to be careful when trading with other players, selling to or buying from a vendor or deleting items from their inventory.

We will investigate the situation and will consider item restoration for eligible players if one of the following criteria is met:

The item has been verified as being lost due to a bug.
The item has been verified as being lost due to a game server issue.
In some cases if a player is scammed out of an item – see Scamming for further details.
In some cases if a player’s account was compromised and items were removed.
In some cases if a player accidently deleted their item.

Item restorations are done at the sole discretion of BioWare and are not guaranteed.

Any loss must always be verified in our databases. Due to the fact that data is only stored for a limited amount of time, we will only be able to consider restorations if we are notified within a reasonable time frame once the loss has occurred

Please also keep in mind that item restorations due to player error are very limited. While we will do our best to assist, there is no guarantee that we will be able to provide restoration in all cases. Please exercise caution when buying, selling, equipping, deleting, or modifying items.