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12.11.2012 , 11:53 PM | #12
Not to spoil the accomplishments of anyone out there.

But I personally have never fancied endgame raiding. Inevitably it goes down one of two paths.
- Either you join a group of "casual" gamers, who never get anywhere because they lack focus.

- Or you join "hard core" gamers, who act like military drill instructors. "You MUST be here PRECISELY 10 minutes early! You MUST be able to commit 10 hours of UNINTERRUPTED game play! You will be allotted a single bio break, which must be requisitioned 7-10 business days in advance!" and so on.

I prefer the money I spend each month on this video game, to go toward my amusement and entertainment. I just left the military after a 10 year tour. I'm not eager to re-enlist for the sake of a higher gear score.

That aside, I'm rather perturbed that my efforts to unlock the HK droid are apparently spoiled, unless I am willing to devote weeks if not months of grinding, to attain sufficient gear, that I can make a single run through HM MP. At the end of which, I will run off with the HK piece, and most likely never look at another Raid Instance again.

So I kinda like the notion of giving new 50s some "competitive" gear to use. Maybe they'll be more inclined to strive for better. Or maybe they'll turn around and roll another alt.