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Ok. Here's my take, based on my knowledge of the lore:

They are prehensile. This doesn't mean they can use them for carrying heavy items, however, or even that they would if they could. I can *easily* see them holding light items (think Davey Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean, with the key to the chest that contains his heart). I can also see them being used for, say, raising and lowering a hood on a cloak.

In general, I see them as being as capable and as flexible as an octopus or squid's tentacles, but without the suckers they use for gripping. So, for example, a twi'lek assassin could potentially use them to strangle someone.

And based on the lore I've read, they are *highly* sensitive to touch, their length and shape *are* considered a measure of status and beauty, and they *can* be seen as erogenous zones. I'd say that a twi'lek hugging or even actively touching a person with their lekku is a sign of caring and trust.

As for Twi'leki, it's possible for non-twi'leks to learn to understand, but exceedingly difficult due to the subtleties of the lekku movements and body language. Races like Togruta would likely have an easier time of it, having their own version of lekku.

Also, considering the Twi'leki and Lekku languages, I'd say Twi'leks are *exceptional* at reading body language.

As far as the naughty fun...well, people imagine succubus tails being used to add to the fun in various ways, think of it like that, but with two of them, and attached at the back of the head instead of the base of the spine.

As for not seeing them move in the movies, consider the difficulty vs the benefit of accomplishing such an effect, particularly in terms of budget considerations. Of course, such an effect is easy to do with CG, but I think Lucas was more focused on other aspects of making the movies. Maybe we'll get to see them move in whatever new SW movie Disney makes.