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12.11.2012 , 07:05 PM | #22
While the other missions are fine and fair for the new space missions, whoever came up with Cha Raaba needs a good swift kick. Seriously, why am I sitting here for a minute flying through rocks doing NOTHING! The mission is 3:49, I typically kill the first to fighters by 3:19, and then sit there twiddling my thumbs while flying through rocks for about a minute waiting (2:23) to be able to start shooting at things again and then it gets completely and utterly nuts (where I have to use my Jam and then my EMP back to back). Really, Cha Raaba needs a trip back to the drawing board as it's really a dumb design. (I never sit for more than 15 seconds in any of the other heroic space missions, why am I sitting for almost a minute here in this mission?)