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Cha Rabba Assault.
Okay this one... there's too much blaster fire, the mines are overwhelming and continue to be overwhelming though some of the mission. I can't say ALL of it because I can't seem to get very far without being taken out. It was almost too difficult for me to even strafe target the objectives I needed because I would either lack a consistent damage or I was unable to target them in the first place due to objects in the way. Even when popping the electronic warfare pod if you do it too late enemies can still hit you for a few seconds, and the cool down between uses doesn't help. This mission is very difficult and I have yet to find a suitable pattern.
This mission being the toughest is most likely a gear check (full Grade 7 is maybe not required but a few pieces would be). It's also going to be a check on your abilities to use every tool given to you.

Took me a couple of tries to complete it (first one being a disaster, almost dead after the mine field then I wasn't able to shoot anything as I was trying to recharge my shields ) I guess the best way to deal with the mine field is using your power conversion module to boost your shields as you go through (that meant missing that kind of freighter that must be a bonus objective) and dodge most of the shots then using your scrambler as you enter the bulk of them and your EMP as you fly near the fregate.

The only tricky part for me that I'm going to work on is avoiding that double asteroid right after the mine field that I keep hitting like a noob lol
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