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12.11.2012 , 03:41 PM | #1
The following was observed in our raid ( the list may not be complete ):

- Gargantuan Lobel is gone and so are his crafting materials
TFB encounter
- Hypergate Beacons no longer spawn
- Only one Unstable Larva spawns and runs towards the aggro target of the left tentacle
- During the Hypergate Irregularity phase nothing spawns. Boss is channeling his cast, but nothing happens

So my question is this: Are the nerfs a mistake, result of a bug or perhaps even intended and, if so, why the expletive do you guys at Bioware even post patch notes when you decide, seemingly at random, what is worth mentioning and included and what not?

It's the same thing as the change in the Kephess encounter which turned out to be intended but was not mentioned in any patch notes as well.