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gotta be kidding me they new missions are still too easy and boring. Only one offers anything resembling a challenge. The only good thing about most of the new missions is that they are shorter than the old ones. What a waste of resources by bioware. Got my codex achievements and not touching space again until they actually put in something worth trying. 3d roam space or ****.
You're missing the point.

Whether or not the missions are TOO HARD or TOO EASY doesn't matter. All things considering, they're much better than they were and require an investment in concentration (however much that is for each person). Cruisers and frigate damage is more appropriate, and fighters don't fly in front of you as if asking for a quick death.

Holding down the blasters button will not cut it anymore. And that, to me, is significantly important. Whether they're too easy or not is another topic.