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12.11.2012 , 02:59 PM | #15
I found the heroic space missions extremely easy and a boring waste of time. The only one that was somewhat challenging was cha raaba assault, but its pretty easy if you use your shield power up. I used evasion for the first minefield, which carried into the second one. at that point I activated my shield power up and emp'd the frigate. Then missled away with my shield power up on while dodging asteroids. Its a lil close at that point but the faster you down the shuttle the better, then just switch between blaster buff and shield buff for short bursts on the remaining ships. Was able to down the ships and regen shields whenever possible and then finish the frigate off as it hyps out with about 7s left on the mission.
The reward is meh and there really isn't anything the space missions offer that makes doing them worth it. At this point Im burned out with BH comm grind and have all the gear I need. Just another boring stuck on a roller coaster rails space shooter. I might do each of the daily quests until I've done them all, but I doubt it. Complete snorefest and waste of time, money, and resources.