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Problem with that, if you do not have the money in game or the coms to buy it right out of the gate, you could spend 1200 cartel coins and get everything you need to do the missions, that in essence is pay to win. Putting those on the cartel market was wrong.
First off, "pay to win" would be providing you with gear that lets you instantly succeed at the missions. The Heroic Space missions are *definitely* harder than just "having the right gear for the job". You have to have the piloting skills and planning skills to use said gear *effectively* in order to win. The Heroic missions are not simply ones that you can faceroll through.

Secondly, you have to remember that the Space missions are *not* primary content. They're a minigame. You don't have to level up your piloting skills or run through a story like you do with the main game to get access to the space missions. Before the heroic space missions were released, you could throw 200k at the AH and a vendor and get all the gear you needed to do almost any of the space missions without any problems. *That* was pay-to-win (albeit in game currency rather than real money) because all you needed to do was spend some cash to be massively overgeared for it. It's perfectly acceptable, imo, if someone wants to toss some real money at the developers to instantly jump into the new space content (which, remember, is a *minigame* and not the primary focus of the game) rather than having to spend several days to a week of doing space missions every day, grinding daily comms and mats, and leveling up a Cybertech to make use the given schematics, I would have to say they should be able to.

I don't know of anyone that bought TOR because of the Space Missions, nor do I know of anyone that plays TOR exclusively *for* the Space Missions; allowing people to spend money to jump into the content all at once is perfectly justifiable since it's not a major component of the game. It's not like the developers are providing full 63 gear for PvP and PvE, which *are* aspects of the game that people buy and play the game for, often exclusively for that part of the game, through the Cartel Market. *That* would be "pay-to-win". The G7 Ship Upgrades acquired via the Cartel Market are just "pay for instant access to secondary content". It's like spending coins for additional races rather than earning them by leveling a character to 50.
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