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12.11.2012 , 02:46 PM | #12
But win what? 5 BH comms a week... that's 20 a month, that's not even enough to buy anything from vendor. Then what, 200k creds a month? That's a day of dailies. Nothing game breaking and certainly not something that gives you unfair advantage over the others.

Lets do also the math to gain the fleet comms. You need 2900 comms. Lets say, you have 4 lev 50s. You can get 160 a day. That means you can get those 1500 for true items in 10 days. Also that means enough money to buy the craftable ones from GTN, or if you have cybertech, in next 10 days you get receipes. That's not big grind.

Besides, some, like me, started to grind comms, when prices were announced.