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I'm considered by most of my friends to be a damned good pilot in all manner of flight combat simulators. These missions are nice challenge. I do have a question though: how the hell do you kill frigates? I can clearly see the large targeting reticule, but I can't lock onto it with anything, including my blasters. I've completely shot off all of its components (I'm referring to the Cha Raaba Assault, mainly), even its shields, but I can't do anything with that targeting reticule.
Never played the Imperial side of space missions, but if it's similar to Republic with different models, the big targeting reticule is just indicating that the frigate needs to be destroyed (everything on it). As to how to destroy them, there should be 2 shield generators on the frigates that needs i think 3 or 4 missiles to destroy each of them. To find out which ones are the shield generators, shooting your main gun at it, it will glow blue. Then the rest you can just use your main gun (the turrets and engines) to destroy.