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What are the rewards? Please just don't say blackhole comms, then I would say well what's the point. If people can get the same stuff without running a single space mission.....PLEASE tell me this isn't the case. I would just like to see people ship parts that are ONLY obtainable through these space missions. 6 new missions...6 new parts.. Exactly the way the lower level purple ship parts were awarded to us.
The new space missions comes in two parts, dailies for each new space missions that grant 7175 credits and 20 fleet comms each and a weekly where each mission resets on a different day of the week, e.g. Heroic Space Mission 1 weekly resets on Monday, Heroic Space Mission 2 weekly resets on Tuesday, etc... These weekly missions give 7175 credits, 40 fleet comms, 5 daily comms and 2 black hole comms.