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12.11.2012 , 01:53 PM | #13
Some tips to completing the new space missions
1. I think the most crucial items you need are the T7 300k cred Power conversion module, T7 concussion missiles and the T7 Improved EMP. The T7 Blast condenser is very useful and maybe crucial for maybe one of the new space missions but not necessary for others.
2. Accept that you are going to fail once/twice and even many times... But persist and get to know the route and layout of the missions
3. Just go for main objectives, skip the bonus ones
3. Use arrow keys to move and dodge around the screen instead of using only mouse, use mouse for aiming. (I don't use the space bar for dodging)
4. You'll be using the power conversion module a lot and switching between damage and shield a lot. (Your hand will be jumping between arrow keys and numbers)