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Thanks for the post, Grimmig. Sorry if some of the questions I have have already been covered, but it's a long & detailed post and I want to ensure that nothing is missed.

First of all, the unlocks purchased for your wife's account all took without issue, yes? That looks to be the case.

The next issue is the Crew Skill unlock. This unlock is for the skill slot itself and doesn't unlock any other crafting benefits. Sorry for any confusion in relation to this.

For the main issue, by any chance do you recall the character that you used the unlocks on, or even the approximate time that they were used. Also, did you get any error message when you tried to use them?

I'm sorry that you have had a poor experience, and hopefully we can make things right.

Thank you, and sorry again.
The unlocks applied correctly to my wife's account yes, no issues there.

Thanks for the clarification on the crew skill unlock, that is appreciated.

I used the unlocks on the Jedi Covenant server, the character was Khalim, I was on Dromund Kaas standing in the Nexus Room Cantina by the quick travel post and it was between 01:00AM and 02:00AM CST on 12/09/2012. Perhaps as late as 02:15AM CST. There were no error messages via FlyText, popup dialog, or in the System text in the chat window. The character made the usual emote when using Cartel Market unlock items.

Thank you for your response, you've already done more by asking questions than anyone else.
How do I get my Cartel Market issue fixed?
Ticket: 1801447312 Resolved on 1/21/2013, issue began on 12/11/2012
I can't post or reply because I let my sub lapse. I can't log a ticket in game either.
M0-T0 closes web tickets telling me to call Support, they say log a ticket in game.