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12.11.2012 , 05:15 AM | #3
i have to say it wouldn't matter if they changed the last boss. btw the bosses only drop columi(one) at the most so its not really going to change for me with my alts i get to 50 to do that boss or the other bosses u can skip, its not just that flashpoint but that has the most u can skip. i don't believe changing the boss would lead to better gear faster for new lvl 50s unless they dropped more loot or better loot. 75% i see a earpiece of a class not present on that boss. sorry to say it there is a good a reason to most skip every boss/miniboss in hard mode flashpoints.

if u group with me and don't know something or want to do something the time to ask is right at the start not mid/end way into the flashpoint as with most other people. if u ask at the start most group will decide what to do and most likely do the boss u want to do, but if u do it at the end piping up and going hey why not is to late for that and will annoy the group you are in and is likely not to happen.
i see alot of people who ask to do bosses i skip or bonus boss ask right after i pass them and enter a elevator, ect. and i know this annoys me.