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12.11.2012 , 05:03 AM | #2
If you want to run it...get a group of 3 like-minded people together. T5 used to be a hella slog, so they removed half the trash. People used to pull the last boss miles away out of the room, so they reduced his aggro range. If you want to gear your new 50....good on you. Don't make those of us who have run the op literally hundreds of times wait around for your learning curve. Same argument made for watching convos and not spacebarring. If you want to watch it, get a group together. Don't expect 3 strangers to waste their time while you get your 'immersion.' Don't have 3 friends in game? Join a guild. I have run tons of guildies on gear runs through fp, and not once used groupfinder to inflict the pain on others at random.