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As a final note, I too would love to see some Scrapper buffs. That said, I don't think they need to be as serious as a lot of people might be suggesting. Here are some pretty basic ideas I would suggest:
  • Give Thermal Grenade a single target knockback against its primary target.
  • Decrease Backblast CD to 7-8 seconds so we can reapply Flechette Round more consistently (but not always have it up).
  • Increase move speed bonus on talented Sneak via Fight or Flight
  • Decrease Blaster Whip CD so we can more consistently proc Upper Hand.
  • Increase Shield Probe absorption.
  • Increase duration of Evasion by 1-1.5 seconds or so.

These are all tiny changes that would make a huge PvP (and PvE) difference. The biggest one I would advocate for? Backblast CD reduction. Just getting it down to 7 seconds would help a ton.

Give our grenade a knockback would be nice. Decreasing Backblast CD to 7-8 seconds would be nice too. Decreasing Blaster Whip CD for more Upper Hand procs would also rock.
Hey I'm all for buffs too. Decrease Backblast CD hell yeah. Decrease Blaster Whip CD hell yeah. Give me more, give me more. I just realize why there so hesitant to do any of this, at least on the PVP end, not sure about PVE I dont do it. A fully geared and modded scrapper is a force to be reckoned with.
BTW, I don't like your grenade idea with the knockback. My whole objective is to stay in as tight as I can to the enemy. Might be nice for Dirty FIghting.