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Wolf continued along his path towards the military base he and his agreed to meet at. He walked down this street and that, dodging traffic, taking taxis and returning the salutes of passing by military personnel. All the while, he couldn't shake the feeling that he was being watched. The beast inside him snarled at the unseen observer. Heading down one street, we suddenly ducked down one of the side allays and took a series of turns that were calculated to seem random. After the final turn, he drew his sword and pressed up against the wall, waiting. Too his calculations, what ever was fallowing him appeared, it was a probe. Immediately and swung his sword in an elegant, yet efficient arc that slice the droid neatly in two, that last thing it would have recorded was the gleaming heron etched into the blade. He returned the sword into it's sheathed and sent a message to Corusant Security of the encounter and continued on.

At last he had reached his location. Once he was on base, it was easy to find his way and was now standing in front of the Officer's Club, inside would be his superior officer and long time friend.
"Command is more than just another skill. You can't train a person to make command decisions in split seconds and live with the consequences. They have to learn that for themselves. If they fail to see that, good people die. And they still have to live with that." ~ Colonel Jaime Wolf