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That's the thing... BW made it so that Trash and Boss skipping is possible. You want that to change then petition BW to either take out the shortcuts/walkarounds in the instances or make the aggro ranges bigger so that groups can't sneak by. Though I'm sure a lot of your Sin's and Ops (dunno what they are on the Pub side) will be pissed when they find out their stealth stun is initiates combat.

I kind of doubt that they will take this course of action though. I also doubt that they will balance the gear issue between Tion and BH gear either. So what are we left with? A vast majority that has seen all the CS and fought all the bosses before multiple times and are only in it for the daily, and a minority that has yet to see all that has to be offered. Should the latter be dissuaded from experiencing all that content? IMHO no. I got to do it so should they. All it takes is for them to speak up at the beginning of the FP and say as such. Most people won't mind. Yes you are always going to get the elitists who will spout out the "****NOOBSAUCE!!!!!!11!!1!!!ONE!!!!11!!!" but that is the nature of MMO's. You will get another chance at it with another group. This community is better than most in that aspect at least in allowing ppl to experience the game.
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"Dear MMO maker. I have found that something in the game is still somewhat challenging. Please nerf it."

I really hate the mainstream sometimes.