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Have I fought any level 50's huh. I was looking at my warzone stats, lets see close to 1000 wins, 40,000 kills, valor 96. So, yeah I have engaged in a couple fights with lvl 50's. I do recall being very frustrated with playing scrapper for a long time. It takes awhile to master, and also is a very gear dependant build. That's why every one goes and rolls a marauder because they can see results much quicker. Maybe one day I will post some videos. I'm not real savvy with youtube, ive never used it but to watch. But I have absolutely obliterated some Maras even caught out of stealth. Consider this chain of events. Mara enrages, licks his lips, and force leaps at me. Hes immediately hit with a flash bang. Then i put a Sab Charge on him, XS flyby, Vital Shot. Hes still incapacitated cuz VS doesnt tick right away and neither does XS. Dirty Kick comes next followed by Backblast and blaster whip. Then root him with Tendon Blast. Sucker punches follow up. The guys toasted and really didnt have a chance to do anything to me. Now it doesnt always play out like this depending on if he had his stunbreaker available. But I have pulled this off alot.
To some extent, I have to agree with this. Scrappers may not have the instant gratification factor of a Sent/Mara, but they do have enough skills to put out decent damage numbers. It really depends on how you use them, and how you use them under pressure. Some of this is basic stuff that everyone should be doing, but some of it is a little more unexpected.

On a basic level, I see a lot of Scrappers using Shoot First followed immediately by a Backblast. This instantly screws up your damage because you can't reapply Flechette Round for another 10 seconds. You must always Backblast after the first FR has expired, so you can immediately reapply the armor pen and internal damage. Again, this might seem obvious to some people, but to many players I see in WZs, it is surprisingly difficult.

Here are some other no-brainers that a lot of Scrappers just don't keep track of. Keep an Upper Hand tick at all times. Keep Vital Shot applied at all times. Don't use Sucker Punch if it would consume your last Upper Hand tick (unless it's a guaranteed kill). Use Shield Probe whenever it is off CD. If you have a chance to duck behind a corner to heal, do so.

On the less basic level, consider when you use your Sabotage Charges. If you throw it down early you might knock a guy down to 30% HP in 3 GCDs, but will you be able to finish? This is especially important against healers, who tend to sit comfortably at 20% HP with a Scrapper smacking him for the next 30 seconds, unable to finish the fight.

Another one: Know your enemy defensive cooldowns. Nothing is more frustrating than watching a Scrapper fire Dirty Kick or Backblast into a Shrouded Sin/Shadow. Similarly, when a Jug activates Saber Ward for the first time, don't waste your 10 second CD Backblast on him then. Some CDs you just have to burn through, like Powertech shield or Jug immortality. Other CDs you need to work around. When the Shadow Shroud appears, use Overload Shot or Flurry of Bolts (or Charged Burst). When Saber Ward appears, attack someone else for 2 seconds, or try and snare them with Tendon Blast.

I haven't played with a lot of you, so I don't know how much of this you are already doing. Some of this advice might seem pretty elementary to many Scrappers. But for many more Scrappers, they either do not know it, or just are not doing it in WZs.

As a final note, I too would love to see some Scrapper buffs. That said, I don't think they need to be as serious as a lot of people might be suggesting. Here are some pretty basic ideas I would suggest:
  • Give Thermal Grenade a single target knockback against its primary target.
  • Decrease Backblast CD to 7-8 seconds so we can reapply Flechette Round more consistently (but not always have it up).
  • Increase move speed bonus on talented Sneak via Fight or Flight
  • Decrease Blaster Whip CD so we can more consistently proc Upper Hand.
  • Increase Shield Probe absorption.
  • Increase duration of Evasion by 1-1.5 seconds or so.

These are all tiny changes that would make a huge PvP (and PvE) difference. The biggest one I would advocate for? Backblast CD reduction. Just getting it down to 7 seconds would help a ton.

Give our grenade a knockback would be nice. Decreasing Backblast CD to 7-8 seconds would be nice too. Decreasing Blaster Whip CD for more Upper Hand procs would also rock.
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