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Sorry mate i can give you a solid promise it WILL fail to resub you the payment will not go through and you will be in the exact same situation as me.

They lady from guatemala or wherever she was from tried to tell me the same thing.
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The CS Rep was quite confident that my card will still pay for my Sub even though it wont buy me anymore Cartel Coins..I have to say I have my doubts about that but he seemed sincere. If I get kicked to F2P when my Sub is due then that will be my cue to quit and find another game..I wont be making anymore phone calls.
Its a pity because theres still a great game buried there under all the terrible Customer Service and bugs.
Unfortunately Dorxo is right, I has the same concerns, 5th Post This Thread However, CS was able to fix that issue for me. Still can't buy Cartel Coins though.
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