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Greetings mtanios,

Please go through the following items, testing the game performance after each:
  • Set shadows to off.
  • Turn nameplate scaling off.
  • Turn off Ambient Occlusion in your video card control panel if you are an nvidia user.
  • Delete DiskCacheArena which is by default found at C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Bioware\Star Wars - The Old Republic\swtor
  • Delete client_settings which is by default found in the settings folder at C:\users\%USERNAME%\appdata\local\SWTOR\swtor\
    When you get in-game, set your graphics options to your preferences.
  • Ensure your power plan is set to high performance in control panel, power options. This is especially important for laptop users.
  • Perform a Clean boot of Windows 7/Vista. or Windows XP.
  • Perform a clean install of latest non-beta video driver.

Thank you for your continuing patience regarding this issue.

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