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Thank you, I never thought about looking for Republic class builds.

I didn't think my option 3 was worth it, but no harm in asking

I have only hit 19 so far but I am really enjoying it, I love that I have 5 AoE's already! I am still learning the heat mechanic because it seems that on single target fights I couldn't build heat even if I tried, but on AoE fights I tend to get carried away and heat goes right up in seconds. The only downside is that I can't seem to bind my area powers to Shift+Click like I used to, but I noticed those binds no longer work on my Sorc so I assume that has been removed from the game

I am duoing with my GF on a DPS Sith Warrior (Not sure which spec) at the moment and although she always goes in first I have noticed that I take a lot of freeze grenades to the face as soon as I open fire, I also have to kite a lot of champion level mobs, so at the moment I plan on speccing this way:

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