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12.10.2012 , 04:18 AM | #1
Dear Comunity

Sorry about this post but i see no other way
3 times i asked for a answer of a minor problem but every time the Customer Support Representatives answer is false lead me to the conclusion
That the answers you get on support help is countered with pre-made autoresponder messages witch if the tickets are read where not necessary
So I ask for either
Stephen Reid or any other developer to read thease ticket's i post here since Customer Support failed 3 times now to understand the problem

Ticket# 7289328

it explains the problem also

Ticket# 7251166

explains the response on the answer of

Ticket# 7085693

I only want an answer why a certain feature has been removed but no one in customer support is able to provide answer instead i get autoresponder messages witch are not helping either and suggestion i asked about another issue witch is false

I am only stating that customer support has a problem with giveing an answer or at least try to understand the nature of the problem

Bioware states it has great support well now would be time to show it if customer support can't give an answer on such a small issue it is understandable why swtor has so many problembs
Sadly to say