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12.10.2012 , 04:03 AM | #23
Confirming that this still happens, despite it being a known 'priority' issue. My character was broken on Saturday, which proves there's people working over the weekend.

Seems the guys that restore items haven't been made aware of the problem - or their fix script doesn't have the important "Is character broken? If so, rollback." step.

Raised a follow-up ticket a few hours later to try to get the character fixed, and haven't even received an automated response, let alone a real one. Getting on for 48 hours now, so the 'fixed in 36 hours' claim doesn't apply to all. Gotta feel for those who've been stuck over a week with this.

More telling is the complete lack of information about this error on the in-game Knowledge Base. At the very least, one would expect an article to explain the best way to get the issue resolved.

Does it just happen to Red Eclipse characters, or are other servers affected?