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12.10.2012 , 03:54 AM | #2
exact same as me mate, both accounts.

Spoke to customer service they didnt care and wanted me to ring back for another few hours for a senior technician at 3am in the morning NZ time.

Ive had enough this is a known issue they wont comment its been happening for 4-5 weeks now look at how hold the Cannot but cartel coins threat is.. that is the same issue.

This is the most pathetic display of mismanagement lack of customer service I have ever seen in any company ever.
Not even an official word. Not one reply by email or by ticket.
When you get to the phones the people on other end cant even understand english or your accent well enough to find out your email address or account name. Spent 20 minutes trying to get her to understand the letter Z and X.

Ive had enough this company is lousy.
It puts all the other terrible service I have seen in other mmos to shame.. this is bar none the WORST customer service department in history.