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12.10.2012 , 03:49 AM | #1
Ok since your web site ticket's don't work anymore, and ingame ticket's are being ignored, i post this here again in the hope it won't be ignored again (not much hope though).

Me and my wife are both subscribers and yesterday our game time was finished and when we were about to recharge it, I couldn't charge hers, for some reason my account was charged on a visaelectron but I couldn't do hers. Kept saying that you couldn’t use that credit card that I should charge on another, I add like 10 different ones and none worked, now she isn't a subscriber anymore and she can't send you a ticket, or post in the forums and she tried to contact your costume services twice, sent you two messages on costume support and there is no information what so ever that your company ever got her complaints, we want to know what is happening and how can we fix the problem fast, we want to play together and just can't.