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the simple fact is for buying a cartel coin bay2 before buying it in creds you will end up paying 4.8 million creds for your next bay on max 12 chars instead of 480k creds.
if you where to by the bay with cartel as your 3rd or 4th this just gets worse.

so the simple fact is unless you are buying bay 5 with cartel coins its not worth buying it at all cus if you buy it before your going to have to work tens times harder for your next.

Cartel items are suppose to benefit you not penalise you which is why i put it down as a bug because it should not be functioning like this and i cant see it being intended.
When you buy a new bay, it gives you the two options you have.
Spend 40,000 credits to unlock it, of 475 coins to unlock it.
You chose the coins.
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