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It goes far deeper than that mate, when your billing cycle roles around you cant pay anymore and they shut off your account back to F2P and your guild has no main tank or healer for the raid at the weekend.

I just lost one account today and lose the other one in 5 days time.

At this point i think its fraud. I paid for cartel coins spent a LOT of money on them first day and now neither account can be resubbed..
I want a refund on the cartel coins since 1.5 as I am no longer able to play their game and use the items in them due to their fault.

I cannot play end game as f2p. It isnt posisble. I cant even equip half my gear.

Bioware blatantly is buying time by not commeting but all they are doing is losing customers.

This is the biggest head in the sand ive seen in the history of business.. lalalalala the sky is falling lalalalalalalala
The CS Rep was quite confident that my card will still pay for my Sub even though it wont buy me anymore Cartel Coins..I have to say I have my doubts about that but he seemed sincere. If I get kicked to F2P when my Sub is due then that will be my cue to quit and find another game..I wont be making anymore phone calls.
Its a pity because theres still a great game buried there under all the terrible Customer Service and bugs.