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12.10.2012 , 12:37 AM | #1
Small changes that would help gunnery atm as well as commando in general:
Explosive shot reduced to 2 ammo cost
Reactive shield bumped up to 50% damage reduction or on a 1 min cooldown.
Root on concussive charge knock back.
Cryo to 30 meters again.
Charged barrier bumped back to 10%.
Stock strike knockback returned WITH the 4 second root.
Sticky grenade add a 4 second root to it or add a web grenade.

Provide the tools to allow the commando to have the utility that sage/scoundrel have and even vanguard. None of this increases our damage output for pve...even though we could use a boost for pvp. We cannot build any sort of viable hybrid spec because of how our talent trees are tied into our ammo buffs. Therefore, the class needs more flexability built into its abilities.
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