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Had a Conversation with HK-51 the other day, may paraphrase a bit.

Declaration: You seem to have an endless supply of organic troublemakers to eliminate, master. I find this pleasing.
Hint: However, your elimination techniques could use work. I could coach you, if you desire, master.
Suggestion: Most organic troublemakers possess one vital organ. Destruction of this organ will cause immediate death. Additionally, removal of this organ will encourage nearby troublemakers to surrender.

Also, upon giving him a Courting Gift:

Objection: I am an assassin droid, master! (the Voice Actor's delivery made him sound quite scornful of your ridiculous behavior. Kudos, kudos!)
Awesome! I can't wait for that one
I rarely experiment with companion gifts. I have so many characters there has to be a companion somewhere that will LOVE it
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