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Generally, its people either misunderstanding the direction to "attack the tank's target", DPS who don't like 'wasting' set up on trash or people who are under the assumption that taking out the biggest target early makes things easier. It never ceases to amaze me when DPS that are clearing HM EC/TFB ignore the trash and focus on the elite yet I see it all the time.

IMO the worst offenders are:
- Sentinels and Marauders ("Me kill big thing now")
- Gunslingers and Snipers, especially Lethality/DF ("I don't like wasting DoTs" or "I'm a single target DPS")
- Shadows and Assassins ("I don't like wasting DoTs" or "I can get bigger numbers if I attack your target")

While I agree with the above poster that its more fun healing when people aren't doing what they're supposed to, its also really annoying as the tank. Almost on par with people KBing mobs away from me or taunting off me.
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