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I just wish the SI story was how bioware advertised it bioware called the SI someone who works from the shadows and manipulates people from the shadows. I did not see that once they could of easily fit that part into chapter 3 because the SI needs to build forces for the kaggeth but in the story they just kinda fall in the SI lap like everything in the story. But nooooo we had to spend chapter 3 doing that healing rubbish. >_________>

Majority of the time its the npcs plotting and manipulating in the shadows and the SI is just caught in the middle of it and just uses lightning to get out of the situations.

While the sith warrior yeah they can act like a brute but they gave me what I wanted in the SI story political powerplays and machinations making jedi fall to the dark side mind screwing people using words to defeat your enemy. That should of been in the SI story. Plus don't get me started on taris if ashara actually fell to the dark side it would of been my favourite planet but she did not and it caused to be my most hated planet.

At the end of the day the SW is better written there is a reason why In beta people were saying they should keep chapter 1 of the SI and scrap the rest and do it over. Cause the class story was not how it was advertised.
I thought it was going to be challenge to build a power base.

SW story came across as much more of a struggle against your primary enemy and I liked that.
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