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Try buying a cartel pack, then having it refunded in the store, to see if that adjusts the balance. I had much the same problem, with the balance being off by almost 2,000 coins. When they ran the script to adjust many of the incorrect balances, mine looked similar to yours, showing the full amount awarded, but not available.

After buying a Crime Lord's pack, then refunding it, my balance adjusted to the correct number of coins available, and stayed correct from that point on.

Just remember to purchase a physical item from the store, like one of the packs, but DO NOT CLAIM IT from the 'cart'. Instead, refund it to get the coins back. Not everything on the store is a physical item, or is treated like one, so it's safer to use one of the 'packs', because of the number of steps required to confirm the purchase before it's placed in your inventory.

With any luck, this may help you and correct the display of what you have available to spend.
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