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If you are using a Game Time Card to pay for your subscription, your Cartel Coin Rewards for newly added cards will only be added to your Ledger and in-game wallet once your current active game time has elapsed. You will receive two Reward grants for each 60 day card, one on the first day the time added by that card becomes active, and the other 30 days later. Each grant will be of 525 Cartel Coins.

For non-recurring Subscriptions, the Rewards program works as follows:
60 Days Fixed-time: First Reward Coins granted once payment is confirmed and game time is active, second grant at 30 days. Coins Rewarded: 525 each month for 2 months.

I have been using game cards Sense the game started , IN Nov I only got 500 for the monthly reward and the 100 For the key...I understand I won't get any coins from DEC 2011 of last year til NOv 2012 for game cards used during that time , but why when I got the 500 coins in NOV for NoV , I didn't get a 25 as well ?

I also have Game time stacked till MAY 2013 if I keep adding time as game cards will I get the extra 25 or will I have to let the time run out in order for the system to see it as stated above ...