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Hey everyone,

I think it's been, well, forever since we posted anything over here. I intend to change that.

If you've listened to our latest episode (Episode 88: So Long And Thanks For All The Coins) you heard my co-host Leo and I being pretty harsh in our opinions about the most recent updates to SWTOR, including free-to-play and the PTS 1.6 update. I'm not going to apologize for the comments, because we do feel there are things that need to be fixed and we've been accused of going easy on them in the past. We weren't trying to overcompensate, but it may have come off that way. We'd been hoping for improvements and instead only got more of the same.

That having been said, however, if you read the editor's note (from me, I'm the editor), you'll see that in between the time that we recorded the episode and when it got posted (thanks a lot, real life), I decided I needed to go back and give it another shot. I'll go into more detail about my decision to try again and why I feel it didn't go better the first time I played (from day one till August) in a future article on our website. Suffice to say, I'm glad I'm back. I've been up till 1am, 2am, and then 3am playing with my friends and leveling multiple characters over at the Shadowlands server, with my old main still on Prophecy of the Five. If it hadn't been for meals and getting a Christmas tree, I think I would've been playing all day. As it was, I played nearly all day.

I intend to reconnect both myself and our show with the SWTOR community. Hopefully, in the months to come we'll see some content updates that will bring people back and make this game into what we always knew it would be. If you're looking for more people to play with, a safe place to voice your opinion, and more Star Wars gaming talk besides SWTOR, including the new minis game, living card game, and new traditional role-playing game, come on over to our forums and drop us a line. On our show, we've had several people bring more number crunching talk to the listeners, but if there are specific topics you'd like covered do let us know! We make our show for the listeners and we want to know what you want to hear about.

Thanks for reading and, as I said, I plan to put out an article going more in-depth on my second go-round with The Old Republic.

- Evan
Host/Producer of MER
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