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I ran yesterday hammer station with my 7th alt, a low skinny sage healer, to try to get some gear. I did hammer station with pugs for 2 hours and 4 times I met people who have no respect for other people. These 4 times, 2 troopers and 2 JK have clicked need on the light armour consular gear and when asked why did they do that when that was not for them, they told me to f*uck off. One of them saw the light and said he wants to trade but, BW thank you for this, f2p users cannot use the trade option.

Thank you!
At least they talked to you at all (not that insults are nice). When I was in a group with people who need on everything (it happens rather often now), they outright ignore me and others who ask them why they do that/ask them to stop. It's really aggravating, as you can do nothing to stop them. (I usually just leave the group if we're not near the end yet...)