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1 - Where should I put the last 3 points? Arsenal: Stabilisers or Bodyguard: Hired Muscle? Or somewhere else?
2 - I currently have 3 points in Pyrotech: Integrated Cardio Package and 1 in Pyrotech: Gyroscopic Alignnment Jets, but I feel they are wasted. However the other options feel even more usless to me. Am I missing something?
3 - If our crit gets high enough, is it worth putting extra points towards getting Bodyguard: Critical Reaction?
Yeah well remember you're only searching half of the available possibilities if you search for an imperial class only.

A republic commando is exactly the same thing.

If you spec for crit you must stop casting when being hit and use your rocket punch, stun/cc/knockback as well as your TD and ED creatively. Good practice for pvp.

If you spec for pushback resistance you can keep casting under fire which has certain advantages in time critical PVE fights, argument here is that if you're going to sit and spam, arsenal is better at that.

If free to cast in a fight (you are not taking damage and getting casts pushed back) pushback resistance is irrelevant. Very important you spec this correctly for pve as it's a distinct disadvantage if you go into an ops fight where you ARE taking damage and you have no pushback resistance.

In PVP if you're taking damage you're in range of interrupts, stuns and CC so pushback resistance is no real loss and the correct play is to stop casting, use your utility skills against them, kite, use dots and instants until you have enough freedom to cast again.

No, they are quite wasted really, we have 4 points to **** up against the wall for the most part.
We can spec for 1% extra health per point (whoopdeefrickingdoo)
A 30% slow for 2 seconds (oh please no you're spoiling us)
A guaranteed heat vent if molested (spec this for pvp)
A pathetic defence increase, shorter stealth scan and longer stealth spotting range (slightly usable in pvp)

For PVE I tend to go for 3% health and 1 in Infrared Sensors
For PVP either 2% health and GAJ or GAJ and IS, I'm too disgusted with the pathetic slow on CGC to spec it anymore.

No it's not. You have 4% fixed alacrity from the pyro tree. To get the other alacrity talent you need 5 points in the bottom tier to access it. So you need to put 7 points in bodyguard and that is insane.