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Phyreblade, your warrior sounds a lot like my plan. I was going to shoot for more gray than dark, though - a female human believes in the empire but thinks most sith are too extreme to ever support their other goals, like order and control.

I think it's interesting that the two picks for sith inquisitor so far are a Twi'lek and a pureblood. My sorcerer is a level 20 pureblood as well, but I know both of those races are criticized - Twi'lek because of your ancestor's lack of lekku and pureblood because of the hoops you have to jump through to make the slave thing make sense.
I never had issue with the idea of Pureblood becoming a slave. IMO, it fit the story of the Inquisitor very well, where Kalig lost favor and his family was degraded and demoralized. I only thought it weird my girl was somehow caught by surprise at the idea. I do have problems with Twi'leks, though. Can't see Kalig as a Twi'lek, is all. That's just me.

For my warrior, I really did play her according to what SHE would do in those particular circumstances. In the end, she was Darkside 4, is all. Totally RP'ed her, honestly.
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